• before and after birth (work with pregnant girls who are too young tobecome a parent)
  • helping talented kids in their sports or music studies etc.
  • helping poor families with clothes and shoes, medicine, finances etc.
  • selling clothes all over Estonia, specially in the countryside with very low prices
  • Bliss language (communication of children who are disabled in their oral communication or unable to use sign language; videos)

Our center for children:

  • daycare
  • preparation for school for kids with speaking and understanding difficulties
  • free time activities (playing, drawing, cooking, sewing)
  • library to read books in the center, not to go
  • toy library for blind, aggressive etc. problematic kids
  • workshops to teach how to make special toys
  • toys as a means of learning
  • safety of toys

In the first phase of the workshops, the participants use many different sorts of games to explore their sensory world of sight,sound, taste, smell and touch. This introductory stage is specifically directed towards self-experience and self-fulfilment, finding answers for questions such as:

  • what happens to me if my eyes are blindfolded?
  • can I stand others touching me?
  • how do I perceive myself and the others around me?

We have a big playroom and as well playground outside in the garden.


Activities already carried out or projects already implemented, our history

Before and after birth

The project targets at minors, pregnant women and young people who are not ready for parenting. High-risk underage girls are coming from childhomes, are raised up in institutions or are victims of abuse.

We try to teach young mothers the daily living, infant care and motivate young people to continue their education. We also help them with household goods, clothing and children's goods. If necessary, we direct young people to various specialists. Every young mother has a support person to help her for at least 2 years. We work together with the foundation Dharma, and the Union of Estonian parents.

Family bridge

For poor families we find a supportive family from Sweden. We try to teach poor families to analyze their problems and find solutions. We arrange several trainings for them. Communication and correspondence between the two families have often turned to friendship. The target group is families with many children and families with remarkably gifted children. Cooperation with the Swedish IM.

Charitable second hand shop and sellings

Every second Saturday we arrange a large market to help families in financial difficulties by selling very cheap ( every piece 1 Euro) clothing, footwear, household goods, furniture, prams, toys and kitchen appliances. Used, but niceitems with symbolic prices we offer for every poor. The income from sellings goes also for helping poor. All, working with sellings, are volunteers.
Our partner is a Pentecostal Church in Gothenburg and Mölndal Recycling Center.

Children with disabilities

Search about toys and the possibilities of using toys and play in child development. We have a toy library and we are arrageing workshops for terephists, nurses and teachers, how to make education available for all kids. We offer daycare for disabled kids and train their parents. Our partners are
North Estonian Association of Autism and Disabled PeopleOrganizations.

Day care

We started daycare in 2004. Every working day children from 1 – 7 years are welcome to daycare from 8.00. - 18.30. We have 3 groups by age and In every group we have 2 – 3 kids with special needs. alleviates the shortage of day care nursery school places, and is suitable for children who for medical reasons, can not cope with a large team.
Unemployed and poor mothers can go to school, trainings and look for work.

We have experience with children with hearing impairment, autistic, blind and mild mental - and physically disabled children. Affordable and close to home service allows parents to work and the local government to supports parents of children in child care.
Internet magazine "Nursery" is publishing often our advices and articles on various subjects.

About us on media:

Our partners are the Tallinn University and Tallinn Pedagogical Seminar.
Our staff has special education and they have studied child psychology.
Very important is cooperation with the family, if needed, we are counseling parents. Several projects to coincide with the Union's day care and offer additional opportunities for children pertaining to the deposit (bearings, riideabi, parental advisory).
Children attend our day care from the Tallinn City and the surrounding parishes.
Childcare images :

Better skills for independent life

"Better skills for independent life" is a project for young people with social problems. The aim of the project is to engage participants, train work habits and learn new skills to shape a long term coaching for working life through practical workshops, living together with a team in two-week cycles in the farm. The project aims cooperation with volunteers and different partners. Boys and girls from different nationalities in age 15 -19. We are motivating them to acquire basic education and specific skills, finding work for young people to increase the competitiveness of both urban and rural.
As the result of the project will increase public awareness of problems and their hinterlands, and an initiative on the social integration of young people of similar backgrounds in the future.
Successful summer camp projects (2010, 2011) has been completed, the project involved 40 15-19 year olds and now they are back at school. Young people who are the target group in a similar situation, contact us to get advice and guidance. Cooperation with municipal governments and district governments is better. The project will continue in the coming summers.
The project was supported by Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

„Nina tagasi veepinnale: noortelaager ulatab abikäe“, page 5

There is no future without education

The project target is 20 students without parental care, young people who are missing basic education. Many of them participated in the project "Better skills for independent life" . Early school-leavers are continuing their education at various schools. School drop-out rate was in most cases so high because of household poverty and the lack of support to the low educated parents, wrong habits, and delinquency.

The project offers during the school holidays and every weekend from Friday to Monday home and care in Lümandu village, Uuetoa farm, where they spent the summer, or in Tallinn in our Centre.
The team helps young people with homework during the weekend and solves the problems that have arised during the school week, train new skills and good behavior, offer meals and accommodation to young people.
On the weekends we visit museums and theater plays to generate interest in culture.
The project goal is to give young people the opportunity to acquire at
least basic education and training and to keep students under
The economic crisis and unemployment overseas has decreased the target group of families who can not support their children, provide basic living conditions and supervision. Disreputable families with children often face defamation and unfair treatment.
Schools abandon them lightly, and very often these young people get into crime. Young people have very few options and lack of self-help making rulings and change the situation. The project provides young people with basic education, and protecting young people tagging and constant condemnation of a small community. Lack of home care not to leave young graduates!
Project results are presented in the media, the pursuit of the methodology is to introduce teachers and university professors. The project will continue next summer

Summer soup 2010

Winter soup 2010

The best youth project 2010

Summer soup 2011

In the summer of 2011 Nõmme Child Welfare Org. offered the second year in a row free meals for children of vulnerable families in Tallin, Harju and Ida-Viru County.
The idea started from the last campaign "Think and write". We asked all estonians write letters to us, what they think about the situation in Estonia, what poverty means for them and what solutions we need. Many writers were concerned about the children for whom free school meals is very important, and duering the summer holidays they are staving.
Many families can not send children to camps so the summer is 3 month time, when children are unorganized.
Summer Soup project was offered in Tallinn to low income families as the
opportunity for children to eat hot lunch on weekdays in Tallinn youth centers, where children were also able to spend time meaningfully.
Children were informed about the project through the schools, welfare departments, youth centers, and through the media and friends. In Tallinn hot lunch and activities were offered to children in Lasnamäe, Männiku, Kopli, Pääsküla Youth Centers and in Pirita Social Centre.
This year meals were cooked for children in Narva and Sillamae also, where the unemployment rate is very high because the situation is more complicated than in Tallinn.
The project also distributed food parcels to families in need in Tallinn and Harju County. Aid packages were shared with the help of partner organizations, who decided what families need help the most.
Project partners were: Food Bank of Estonia, Leibur, Henkel, Saarioinen, Israel Center ....
The project was funded by the Open Estonia Foundation.
50 volunteers, were involved, they shared the food for their kids, and bundled packages of food and deliver them to families.

The project was introduced several times in the media.

Tallin TV 4.07.2011 on news
Delfis VIDEO: Lapsi, kellele kodus süüa ei jätku, on väga palju
Põhjarannikus "Suvesupp täidab vaheajal laste kõhtu"
Maalehes: "Eesti 2011: Mõnes kodus on laste suviseks söögiks puulehed". Tervet artiklit saab tasuta lugeda SIIT.
Õhtulehes: "Lastekaitsja: Ida-Virumaa kehval järjel lapsed on kõigi poolt unustatud!"

In 2000, was opened Nõmme Child Welfare Organizations Children Centre

The new house replaced an old railway wagon, what was our first office. We offer trainings and consultations to parents, teachers, teraphists, social workers, foster parents and social workers.

Children are welcome to get help in studies and spend free time with friends.
Smaller kids are coming to daycare every weekday from 8.00 – 18.30.
Their parents can study, go to trainings and work. In every group we
have 2-3 special kids with health and mental problems. Local authorities support daycare project and children are coming from Tallinn and suurounding counties.

We have a small toy library and we offer workshops, how to make toys.

We offer accomodation to 15 kids if needed.

We work in goodrelations with schools, hospitals, police and local authories.

Housing first!

Every year we help to improve one family housing by reparing or building 1 flat or house. All together we have helped 12 families with housing.

The biggest project in this field was building house for the single mother with 12 kids and 4 grandchildren in 2006. We recived an award : the best NGO 2007 for that project.

Pictures about the house:

„Eesti Päevalehes ilmunud artikkel Pääskülas elav suurpere saab heategijatelt kingiks uue kodumaja“ (29.06.2006)

Translation from the article:
Nõmme Child Welfare Organization has assisted the Kreivald family last 10 years. Past assistance has been made by giving them food, clothes, shoes, books and toys. The decision to help in such a large amount one family was a result of several years in preparation. Father died a few years ago. Mother could not work, because i the oldest son is disabled and the big family lived on benefits. They have 12 children and 4 grandchildren. The house was in very bad shape. Since there was no opportunity to make the situation better themselves, Nõmme CWO decided to renovate the building. Partners who were willing to finance the project with half a million euros, was found in Sweden. When the real work began, the situation was frustrating. It was therefore considered more appropriate to build a new house, which, however, increased the total project cost over a million. Dharma fund was one our partner, but the greatest helper was Pingstkyrkans Bistondcenter Sverige from Sweden. The family moved into a new house in late November last year. The big family new home construction was the biggest project so far for Nõmme Child Welfare Organization.

Nõmme Child Welfare Organization is a member of Child Advocasy Chamber and established the EAPN Estonia network in 2010.

Nõmme CWO is a partner in pilot project: „Systematic basis for community-based early intervention aimed at detecting and diarected action: joint action model for developing and testing”





Organisation name: Nõmme Lastekaitse Liit
Address: Kadaka pst 89, 10922, Tallinn, Estonia
IBAN: EE662200001120290029
Bank name: Swedbank AS
The bank address: Liivalaia 8, 15040, Tallinn, Estonia